Puma 37 MV Future

S/Y Cambaro

The history of the boat

Puma 37 was designed by the famous boat builder Angus Primrose. He applied his criteria of robustness and comfort to Puma that he got world-renowned for as the leading designer of the British Moody sail yachts in the 70s. Angus Primrose, sadly went missing at sea in 1980. The Puma 37 was still launched only a few years later. With the much upgraded “Future” model in 1985. All keeping with Primrose idea and design. 

The British influence is strong, and space combined with a good sailing pedigree is well taken care of. The Puma 37 Future model incorporated smart modifications, increased the manoeuvrability and the interior distribution compared with the original Puma 37. This included a bigger galley with a walkthrough to the main aft cabin. They reinforced the already strong hull structure. They also added an amazing swim platform.

The boat was presented at the Barcelona Boat show in 1985. The base model was priced at 10.000.000 pst (60.000€) in 1985. Pricing it at the same level as a nice central 3-bedroom apartment.

It was sold about 50 of the Puma 37 and Puma 37 Futures, most still in use today and several of them have successfully sailed around the world.

We have done the best we can to verify the history of this boat. It’s mostly from official documents but also hearsay from the previous owners, people we met that knew something about it and other. 

June 1985

Model launch Barcelona Boat show

The much-anticipated launch of the Puma 37 MV Future. The sailing world liked what they saw and it was given a B rating by Yate & Motonautica Magazine.

Now giving competitors of much better know Bluewater cruisers something to think about.

28 of July 1989

First registration boat sold

For what we can understand; this boat was used as a showboat. It was registered first time in 1985. Since 1985 – 1989 it was kept by the owners of the Yacht builder.

In July 1989 a gentleman from Barcelona bought the boat. He might not have thought too much about the finance bit because the boat was impounded in 1993 by a judge in Palma de Mallorca. We have been told that the boat now was in storage until the debt was settled in May 2002.

Between 2004 and 2015 the boat belonged to the heirs of the Barcelona Gentleman.  It was frequently used.

December 2015

New owner in Alicante

Now it was time for a nice man with an idea in Alicante. He wanted to start a charter business and got the boat ready, approved and kitted out for charter in and around Alicante. The only problem was time.

He wanted to use it himself during the summer months and the charter market during the winter wasn’t too impressive. It was never chartered and the boat was registered back to personal use.  For 2 seasons it was enjoyed by the owner and his family. The main use was back and forth between Alicante and Ibiza/Formentera on weekends and for the summer vacation.

They took meticulously care of the functionality and safety of the boat and that’s why we felt safe buying it from them.

December 2015

We bought our first Sail boat

After two trips from Sotogrande, Cadiz to Alicante in our old old car (550 km one way) we finally had our dream boat. The Survey was superb and it ticked all the boxes we wanted. Aft. Cabin, Swim Platform, In-mast furling, spacious headroom and a mechanically sound boat. The esthetics we knew we could sort out.

We really had our time stretched. We only had 9 days with the boat on the dry before we had to start the 300 nm sail down to Gibraltar. And we had some work to do.

Egil went on the hull getting the boat white and shiny again and Vibeke started on the interior. We calculated we could finish this by the end of the 9-day stay. We weren’t even close. We worked 15 h days and slept in a tent. Quickly finding out that we needed to keep on working after we came to our new home harbour in Gibraltar.

It has now been our home for 2 years and we still have not finished every little project but we love every minute of it (except 5 days in a 70+ knot wind the winter of 2018). We didn’t love that.

Read about our renovation here

Yacht test in Yate&motonautica in October 1986

In front of Cambaro about 34 seconds after we signed and payed for the boat.

Some pictures of the end resulte

We are extremely happy with how it all came out. This really is a home now! 

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